Episode 1: Attitude Is Everything with Jesse LeBeau Welcome to episode 1 of Attitude Is Everything with Jesse LeBeau: Giving Back! In this episode, top youth motivational speaker and teen coach Jesse LeBeau is on another adventure inspiring teenagers with a powerful message.  Jesse will be coaching teens at […]
Be on your own team! “Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard, and there is nothing you cannot accomplish.” Brad Henry This weeks episode is with the Spiritual Gangster himself, Ian Lopatin! Ian is crazy […]
As a parent how do you protect your teen from bad situations and mistakes, but at the same time ensure they grow to be resilient and independent? Too often parents really want to do the best for their child, but inadvertently they actually make it worse for their teen. Raising a teen is challenging and so we wanted to help you try to put together all the pieces of the puzzle.