10 Things Teens Wished Parents Knew

As a parent of a teen, you probably have a lot of stress, worry, frustration, and overwhelm when it comes to raising and supporting your teen. In our online teen coaching program, we understand the challenges parents face and the importance of effective communication with your teenager. Some of the top questions we get include:

  1. How do you communicate better with your teen?
  2. How do you get them to communicate with you and share their feelings, worries and “secrets’?
  3. How do you help them choose a better path?
  4. How do you help them make the right decisions?
  5. How do you get them to listen and not be influenced by the drugs and negative outside influences?
  6. How do you improve your relationship with them?
  7. How do you help them when they are struggling with anxiety, depression, or self-harm?
  8. How do you help them when they are being bullied or social media is getting negative and abusive?
  9. How do you get them to come out of their room and connect with you?
  10. How do you know what they are thinking and what is going through their minds?
  11. How do you get your child back?

We want to answer these questions for you. In this workshop Dr Elizabeth Lombardo, a.k.a. “The Celebrity’s Psychologist” will address “10 Things Teens Wished Parents Knew”.

Through our Teen Life Coaching Program, we provide parents with practical tools and insights to bridge the communication gap and build a stronger relationship with their teenagers. Our teen coaching program also focuses on equipping parents with strategies to address mental health challenges and empower teens to make positive choices.