Attitude Is Everything with Jesse LeBeau

Episode 8: Embrace Your Uniqueness!

Welcome to episode 8 of Attitude Is Everything with Jesse LeBeau: Embrace Your Uniqueness!

In this episode, top youth motivational speaker and teen coach Jesse LeBeau is on another adventure inspiring teenagers with a powerful message.  Jesse will be coaching teens at a random school somewhere in the US to talk about the importance of embracing your uniqueness…and how the very thing that you might not like about yourself could be the key to what makes you stand out and succeed!

Some of the life lesson takeaways for teens, parents of teens and educators include:

  • How to love yourself
  • Why it’s okay to be different
  • Using your uniqueness as your superpower
  • Most people are too busy worrying about what you are thinking about them to worry about you
  • Why you should feel sorry for people that try to tear you down
  • Why what other people think about you is none of your business

You’ll have to watch the full episode for the rest of the valuable life lessons that can transform you or your teen’s life forever.  So sit back, relax and remember…attitude is everything! 



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