Can Social Emotional Learning Programs Help Teens Manage Stress?

School, work, and social life can all be stress inducers for adolescents. Pressure from academics, social obligations, college applications, problems at home, etc., are hard to navigate for teens.

Social-emotional learning (SEL) programs are designed to help teens understand their emotions, navigate social relationships, set realistic goals, and find strategies to achieve them. Here’s how they can help teens manage stress.

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How Do SEL Programs Help?

SEL programs help adolescents improve their lifestyles and overcome difficulties by helping them adopt new mindsets and strategies to build a healthier lifestyle and better future. The following sections will discuss how they can help them manage stress.

Identifying Stressors

One of the most important things the SEL program teaches teens is recognizing and processing emotions. Under professional guidance, teens can identify what is stressing them. It could be one major part of their life or several different things affecting their stress levels. Recognizing and identifying these stressors helps teens manage stress.  

Stress-Handling Strategies

Once they know the factors that cause them stress, they work with mentors to navigate how to abate it. Stress-handling strategies can include time management, unwinding exercises, learning strategies for school, taking calculated risks, putting themselves first before any social obligation, etc.

Life coaching for teens bases these strategies around adolescents, but some of these strategies are life-long lessons for stress management. This is especially important because some of the diseases with the highest mortality rate in the United States are caused by stress.

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Setting And Tracking Goals

Once they learn how to navigate stress, teens can practice the learned strategies to perfection by setting goals for any challenges that cause them stress. Whether these are academic goals, social situations, or domestic problems, consistent practice of strategies brings a noticeable change in their worries. Since they know how to read their emotions, they can recognize these changes and track their progress.

SEL programs can help teens manage stress. We are a team of teen experts who provide social emotional learning programs for schools to build a skill set amongst students that enables them to navigate stressful situations. Our school programs are designed to provide life coach for teens to help them arrive at the root of the problem. Set up a call today to find out how we can help your students.