Choosing Your Parenting Style

So many of us have thought “Where’s the parenting manual” when you need it most? Well, We’re not here with a manual but we may have something even better. A breakdown on parenting styles! How you parent your children impacts their current life and how they function in the future. Many people rely on how they were parented, doing something similar or the polar opposite. And yet, consciously choosing your parenting style can positively alter your relationship with your child as well as their success now and throughout their lives.

In this workshop, Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo will share:

  • Six types of parenting styles so you can determine which one you are using
  • The impact of each parenting style (good intentions do not always lead to good results)
  • How to adopt the parenting style that is best for your child, helping you feel more empowered and closer to your adolescence.

Moving in a positive forward direction is so close to you and your family. At times, and for some, most of the time you feel lost at this stage in your parenting journey but it does have to be that way anymore.