Get On Your Own Team!

The power of positive self-talk is profound, particularly during the formative teenage years. The ability to channel positive thoughts and belief in oneself can be a game-changer in a teenager’s life. As parents, we play a crucial role in helping our teens cultivate this positivity within. 

The importance of positive self-talk isn’t merely anecdotal. According to the National Institute of Health, positive self-talk has been linked to better focus, less stress, improved physical health, and a productive outlook towards challenges. 

So, what are the top five reasons that believing in oneself can positively impact a person’s life? 

1. Confidence: Positive self-talk boosts self-confidence, which in turn enhances performance in academics, sports, and social interactions.

2. Resilience: It fosters resilience, empowering teens to bounce back from setbacks and learn from their mistakes.

3. Mental Well-Being: Positive self-talk is associated with better mental health, reducing anxiety and depressive symptoms.

4. Motivation: It fuels motivation, helping teens work towards their goals and dreams.

5. Optimistic Outlook: It promotes an overall optimistic outlook towards life, leading to more happiness and fulfillment.

Learning from the experience of Ian Lopatin, CEO of Spiritual Gangster, on the ‘Think Like a Star’ podcast, hosted by top youth motivational speaker Jesse LeBeau, it’s evident that the way we talk to ourselves significantly influences our relationship with ourselves.

So, how can parents aid in developing their teen’s positive self-talk and growth mindset? 

First, encourage teens to start recognizing and questioning their negative self-talk. Help them understand that they have the power to control their thoughts. Maybe they can pause, rephrase the negative statement, and spin it into something positive. Also, emphasize that setbacks aren’t a reflection of their worth, but rather opportunities to learn and grow. 

Secondly, model positive self-talk. This one is huge! Your kids are always watching what you are doing whether you realize it or not. Walking the walk versus just talking the talk will make all the difference. Parents should demonstrate this in their own lives and interactions.

Finally, consider getting your kid a teen life coach or a teen coaching program. A teen life coach can provide teens with specific tools and techniques to cultivate positive self-talk and a growth mindset effectively. They can facilitate open conversations about feelings, aspirations, potential, and fears, empowering teens to build self-confidence and resilience. A Teen Coaching Program can give your child the support they need and can’t get from you that will allow them to turn things around in their life and thrive.

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