The Power of Trust & Your Teen!

It’s Jesse LeBeau here, top youth motivational speaker and founder of The Attitude Advantage Program – a place that helps teens succeed in life. This week I get to sit down with someone who has dedicated their entire career to helping youth and she goes by Dr. Jessica Southern! She has worked in about ever area of education and is an expert on leadership and teens. In this conversation, she shares her journey and her own personal struggles raising a confident and resilient teenager and how having a 1 on 1 teen coaching program made a big difference in her daughter’s life.

Throughout the conversation, Dr. Southern emphasizes the importance of trust and integrity in a parent’s relationship with their teen, underlining the transformative impact of a specialized teen life coaching program for personal growth.

One thing we discussed was the power of trust and how it plays a key role in a parent’s relationship with their teen. Some key things that matter when it comes to trust are integrity, intent, capabilities and results. Dr. J also shared how finding the right mentor changed her life and she encourages every parent to find a 1 on 1 teen coach to fill in the gaps that a parent just can’t do on their own.

Three things that really stood out that I loved are:

  1. NEVER GIVE UP on your teenager no matter how frustrating or bleak the situation may be – their big breakthrough might be just right around the corner.
  2. BE CONSISTENT when it comes to routines and communication with your teen.
  3. PRAISE kids for their EFFORT more than you do their outcomes.

I hope you get a ton of value out of this video and it helps your teen build confidence, grit, and resilience and improve their mental health! Life coaching and social emotional programs for schools can help you find out more about different ways to help your teen build confidence.