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Worried that your teen deals with low self esteem? Check out these tips for building confidence in young adults.
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While teen mental disorders are more prevalent than ever, they are not taken seriously enough. Here's a list of common mental disorders faced by adolescents.
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Social-emotional learning programs help teens manage stress by helping them understand what induces their stress and how they can control it.
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Motivational speaking, for young adults, is a useful tool to help them learn important skills and lessons they’ll need for adulthood.
How Growth Mindset Helps Teens Become Successful | Infograph
A growth mindset is an assertive attitude that can help teens become successful. Here is how the growth mindset helps teens become successful:
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Goal-setting helps high school students set on a path to success. Find out how this works here.
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Building confidence in teens is one way to set them up for a life of growth and success. Lear
Self Confidence - Why is it Important for Teens | Infograph
Self confidence helps teens achieve their future goals, take on leadership responsibilities and pursue their passions. Here is why it's important:
Why fit in when you were born to stand out -DR. SEUSS I’ve got to have conversations with a lot of inspirational people in my day as a youth motivational speaker and teen coach, but this sit down was a special one for me.   I wanted […]
Check out the 5 secrets parents are using to create incredible confidence in their teens, help them eliminate their anxiety, and shape them into thriving, successful, well-rounded young adults!
It’s Jesse LeBeau here, founder of The Attitude Advantage Program where we help teens succeed in life. Teens lie. there I said it. I think you know it and so do I. Heck, we were all teens once. But as a parent of a teen, having […]
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As a parent it is certainly not easy raising a teen right? As much as you love them, it can be extremely taxing, challenging, frustrating and cause you a lot of sleepless nights. You probably have a lot of questions flying around in your head… Sometimes […]
If you’d like to see some of the impact The Attitude Advantage Program is making all over the country then you’ve come to the right place. Check out the link below to see some of the media coverage and how you can help make a difference […]
For you as a parent of a teen, you probably have a lot of stress, worry, frustration and overwhelm when it comes to raising and supporting your teen. Some of the top questions we get include: We want to answer these questions for you. In this […]
You’re not alone if you’re finding it tougher than you ever thought possible being the parent of a teen. It’s one of the biggest challenges you will ever face in your lifetime and we know there are hundreds of thoughts spinning in your head as you […]
Are you dealing with a teen who is aggressive or shows disrespectful behavior towards you or others? Where did that come from?  How did this happen when you don’t believe you raised your child to be this way? How do you deal with this behavior without […]
Unfortunately anxiety in teens is on the rise and is a real issue that can lead to serious consequences if not addressed. In our recent workshop Dr. E and Jesse, share with you powerful tools to help you and your teen deal with stress and anxiety […]
Your teen is going to push boundaries all the time.  But how do you effectively set those boundaries, without feeling like it always ends in conflict?  This is exactly what we’re cover in this workshop Here’s what you can expect to learn:
So many of us have thought “Where’s the parenting manual” when you need it most? Well, We’re not here with a manual but we may have something even better. A breakdown on parenting styles! How you parent your children impacts their current life and how they […]
It’s very apparent that stress is at an all-time high in adults and teens right now, and you have 2 choices with how you decide to handle it. Try to ignore it and live with the unpleasant feelings that stress can bring for your teen which […]