Attitude Is Everything with Jesse LeBeau

Episode 2: Setting Goals!

Welcome to episode 2 of Attitude Is Everything with Jesse LeBeau: Setting Goals!

In this episode, top youth motivational speaker and teen coach Jesse LeBeau is on another adventure inspiring teenagers with a powerful message.  Jesse will be coaching teens at a random school somewhere in the US to talk about the importance of setting goals… and how achieving small wins little by little can completely change teen mental health for the better!

Some of the life lesson takeaways for teens, parents of teens and educators include:

  • The power of setting goals!
  • That if you never choose a destination, you’ll probably end up there!
  • The 3 part structure for success in goal writing!
  • How to write the perfect SMART goal!
  • Why a goal without a timeline is just a dream!
  • How to reverse engineer your success through goal setting!

You’ll have to watch the full episode for the rest of the valuable life lessons that can transform you or your teen’s life forever.  So sit back, relax and remember…attitude is everything! 


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