Dunk champion Chris Staples with his mom

How To Be a Super Mom!

There’s no denying that a mother plays an instrumental role in a child’s life. As the primary caregiver, a mom can significantly influence their child’s development and emotional well-being. In fact, according to this CDC article, mothers play a key role in child’s mental health. It explains how nurturing and strong maternal relationships are associated with various positive outcomes, including improved competence, cognitive development, and resilience against life stressors. 

One shining example of the profound impact mothers can have is seen in the life of dunk champion and former Harlem Globetrotter, Chris Staples. He attributes his success and determination to his mom’s constant support and belief in his dreams, even if they seemed lofty. His story reinforces the power of a supporting mother in fostering their children’s development. You can check it out for yourself in the video above!

As parents, there are practical steps that moms can initiate to foster their children’s development. 

Here are a few things that can be done:

Establishing open, continuous communication allows teenagers to articulate their concerns, dreams, aspirations, and challenges freely. By being genuinely interested and empathetic to your teen’s experiences, you instill the confidence and trust that allows them to thrive. Recognizing, appreciating, and reinforcing their strengths and accomplishments also contributes to their confidence and overall well-being. 

Another method could be to enroll your child in a teen coaching program. A teen life coach provides a neutral ground to motivate and inspire teenagers to step up, set challenging goals, and build skills that enable them to handle life’s stressors and hurdles. They provide guidance without judgment, allowing the teenager to feel safe and free to explore their feelings, aspirations, and potential. The Attitude Advantage offers such a teen coaching program – backed by real results.

Our Facebook Group is also packed with resources and live training events aimed at providing guidance for this crucial period in your child’s life. 

For specific concerns and personalized advice, you can always book a call with us.  

Remember, as a mom, your influence runs deep. 

Supporting your child today could be the key to unlocking their success tomorrow!


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