The Attitude Advantage Program (TAAP) was designed by teen experts to be a comprehensive approach to helping teens build incredible confidence, grit and resilience through social emotional learning. The TAAP program helps students understand themselves at a deeper level and provides tools to succeed in adulthood. We can’t wait to see you on the inside! 

What’s Inside the Program

Year Long SEL Program

We run a 27 week social and emotional learning program for schools and all our teens need is a smart device with access to Wifi. Our goal is to get results as fast as possible and we do that by getting under the hood and getting to the root of the problem. 

keynote speech

We kick off the program with a bang! Every student (and teacher) gets access to The Attitude Is Everything Keynote speech by top motivational youth speaker Jesse LeBeau. This talk has inspired over 1 million teens to date and goes for up to $15K in the marketplace. You can get a taste of what that looks like here.

Teacher Program

We provide teachers with a leadership program that will give them the opportunity to grow and develop professionally. We strive to make transformational change in schools and teens lives. To do that effectively we believe improving mindset of both teachers and students will have the best long lasting results. 

full parent access

We give parents full access to everything that we are doing with their teen. The more parents participate, the better results we see in the lives of their kids. Parents are able to take the lessons their teens are taking. We have seen by doing that it gives parents and teens the ability to speak the same language and find common ground. It takes a village to raise a child and we get amazing results by involving all the key players to build confident and resilient young adults. 

Monthly live coaching

Once a month we have a live ZOOM session with our schools from all over the country. These meetings are a ton of fun. Not only are the teens taught a different valuable life lesson everymonth, they also get the opportunity to ask their questions live to our panel of teen experts. This allows us to have a long-term, consistent impact on the lives of students.

monthly emails

We use our monthly email series to engage both teens and parents to make this program more fun. If kids aren’t having a good time then they aren’t going to participate and if they don’t want to participate then they aren’t going to get results. We believe a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down so we strategically inject ‘fun’ into our program to be that medicine. 

Change The Culture On Your Campus Today

Successful implementation of SEL requires students to take on greater responsibilities and show greater empathy towards others. Encouraging children to exhibit empathy can help prevent bullying and produce kinder, more compassionate individuals. Students who engage in SEL programs are better equipped to pursue and fulfil their academic and personal goals.

Teenagers who are self-confident and emotionally mature are more responsive and skilled at conflict management and resolution. The ability to control their feelings is a key factor in the development of mature decision-making in the classroom and eventually, the real world.

Our team is here to help teens, whether they’re your children or students, get on the path of growth and success through empowering programs. If you want to hire a youth speaker for your next school assembly, or enroll your students in one of our social and emotional learning programs for schools, get in touch  with us today.


Heidi Klum


Actress Heidi-Klum

“Great life lessons given out of an authentic journey. Jesse shares the keys every young person needs to chase their dreams.”

Allen Iverson


Allen Iverson

“Jesse is living proof that if you work hard and believe in yourself, anything is possible.”

Bill Walker

Former Governor of Alaska

Bill Walker

“Using basketball as a tool to capture the attention of his audience, Jesse delivers the inspirational message that a great attitude will get you far. I applaud Jesse’s mission to change lives.”

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Parent Testimonials

Hear what parents in our program have to say! 

Jesse and Lindsey are amazing coaches. They really helped build our daughters self-confidence and shaped her character. She knows she can always turn to Lindsey for help and support with whatever she is facing. Jesse always goes above and beyond to make sure things happen and achieves great results. They are really great people, and we strongly recommend them.

Peyman Jamshidi


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Social and Emotional Learning Programs: How to support

Social-emotional learning in schools plays a pivotal role in nurturing the development of children’s social and emotional skills, especially during this crucial stage of their lives. It is a time when teens often grapple with peer pressure, feelings of sadness, anxiety, and an array of challenges that can disrupt their well-being. In recognition of these concerns, our program stands as a companion for students, aiming to equip them with practical strategies to navigate these tough situations.

Our social and emotional learning program imparts valuable life skills to students through engaging live events and interactive games. The program emphasizes problem-solving techniques, enabling students to approach challenges with confidence, a positive mindset, and effective strategies. We teach them not only to recognize and manage their emotions but also to cultivate resilience in the face of adversity. By providing a supportive environment, we empower students to build strong interpersonal connections and confidently navigate the complexities of peer relationships.


How long is the duration of the SEL course at TAAP?

Our SEL course for school program has over 27+ lessons that can be spread out over the entire year or tweaked to fit any school schedule (quarter, semester, etc.). Some schools like to do one lesson a week, but you have the free reign to go through the program at the rate that fits your school’s calendar and schedule. To participate, all you need is a smart device with WiFi access. Our program is especially structured to achieve results swiftly by delving deep into the core issues, aiming to address the root of the problem effectively.

Do you offer live Zoom sessions in your programs?

Absolutely! We host monthly live Zoom sessions in our programs. These dynamic sessions offer valuable life lessons and a chance for parents, teachers, and even students nationwide to interact with our teen experts for a consistent, long-term impact on their lives.

How does TAAP foster empathy and a sense of responsibility towards others?

TAAP cultivates empathy and responsibility through interactive session programs that highlight diverse perspectives, encourage open dialogue, and provide opportunities for students to engage in understanding and addressing the needs of others actively.

How do you prepare teenagers for conflict management and resolution?

Our SEL programs prepare teenagers for conflict management and resolution by instilling emotional maturity and empathy. Empowered students become adept at managing emotions, fostering a conducive environment for mature decision-making in classrooms and beyond.

Is TAAP exclusively focused on school programs?

Not at all! In addition to our school programs, we also have dedicated teen programs to cater to a broader range of individuals and ensure comprehensive support for personal development.