Episode 2: Dean “Superman” Cain

Find the superhero inside of you!

“With every choice you make, you are deciding who you are going to be.”

Momma LeBeau

I’m not going to act like I wasn’t excited to sit down with Dean “Superman” Cain onboard LeBus when I definitely was!

Dean is the man.

I didn’t know much about him beforehand (other than the obvious, I mean come on he’s Superman!) but one thing really stood out to me: Dean is just a super down to earth nice guy. At one point in time he was the highest paid TV actor in the world, he’s pretty recognizable and he even beat Michael Jordan in a pickup game! (spoiler alert)

But I was blown away by how humble he was!

I had a lot of fun getting to know Dean and hearing his story. I learned some interesting ways of approaching challenges that I am excited to apply to my teen coaching and youth speaker businesses as well!

He even brought his salt gun and we attempted to ‘assalt’ some flies that were giving us trouble…Superman doesn’t play around!

I was surprised to learn that Dean played pro football, (he’s quite the competitor still) and enjoyed talking sports and we even discussed one of my favorite topics: what sports can teach us about life!

“Sports are a great metaphor for life…anybody can succeed but you’ve got to work hard to do it!”

Hope you guys get some great takeaways from this episode.

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In the full episode, you will learn:

  • How Dean overcame adversity in his early years
  • How to stay grounded when you are on top
  • The importance of saying ‘yes’ to opportunities and figuring out how to do them later
  • How to apply yourself and learn in any situation