How Should I React When My Teen Lies Or Alters The Truth?

It’s Jesse LeBeau here, founder of The Attitude Advantage Program where we help teens succeed in life. Teens lie. there I said it. I think you know it and so do I. Heck, we were all teens once. But as a parent of a teen, having a lying teen can be so darn frustrating right? Lying makes all situations worse, especially when there is no reason to lie. It breaks down trust, makes you worry, feels like your teen is hiding stuff from you and a million thoughts begin to swirl around your head.

So how do you approach your teen? What do you say? How can you stop them from lying? How do you create an environment of trust. where they can come to you and chat openly without lying? What are you saying that can actually make things worse? These are just some of the questions Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo and myself are going to be addressing in this workshop.