Rise Above Any Circumstance & Just Do It!

In life, the playing field isn’t always level. Nevertheless, success isn’t achieved by standing on the sidelines, waiting for the odds to favor you. 

On the contrary, it’s about having a growth mindset or, simply put, stepping out and taking massive action even when the cards aren’t stacked in your favor. According to the National Institute of Health, having a growth mindset – believing that abilities and intelligence can be developed with effort, strategy, and help from others – has been shown to promote the motivation and resilience necessary for achieving success.

To further illustrate this, let’s consider Jesse LeBeau’s interaction with students in his new series, ‘Attitude Is Everything.’ Jesse, a top youth motivational speaker, perfectly exemplifies the concept of taking action despite the odds. Through his humor, basketball tricks, and engaging live events for youth, he inspires his audience to toss away excuses and take the necessary steps towards their dreams, no matter how big or daunting they may seem. Undoubtedly, one of the memorable highlights of the clip in the video above was the participation of a student who confidently announced himself as ‘Big Daddy’ and urged everyone to ‘Just do it!’

So, what practical steps can parents take to foster this mindset in their teens? 

Firstly, help your children understand the difference between a fixed and growth mindset. Challenge their thoughts and beliefs about their abilities. Remind them that it’s okay to make mistakes, they’re significant parts of the learning process. Also, cultivate an environment where effort is praised as much as or even more than the result.

Parents can also leverage the support of a teen life coach or a teen coaching program. A teen life coach can empower your child with the right tools, techniques that will help them develop resilience, a drive for learning, and an indomitable spirit that fuel success. Our Teen Coaching Program at The Attitude Advantage offers just this kind of holistic support.

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Remember, as a parent, fostering a growth mindset in your child can set the stage for their future successes and happiness. Because in the words of ‘Big Daddy’, you and your teen need to ‘Just do it!’