Teen Brain – What’s Happening In There?

Have you ever thought “I wish I knew what was going on in my teen’s brain”?

Because if you understood what they’re thinking then maybe trying to figure out the puzzle of raising a teenager would be a little easier. Am I right? Our Teen Life Coaching Program can help you gain a much better understanding.

Well we have heard 1000’s of parents worldwide think the same thought, which is why this virtual workshop is going to answer at least one of your wishes.

Teen brain – what’s happening in there?
In this workshop, you’ll learn…
– A better understanding of how a teen thinks differently through our online teen coaching program—you will gain valuable insights into the unique thought processes of teenagers, helping you comprehend their actions and decisions so you can answer the question “What were they thinking when they did that?!”
– Why teens act the way they do (and it is not because they are lazy or trying to be disrespectful)
– Insights into how teens process information differently and how you can use that information to optimize your interactions with them.

While teens may look like young adults, their brains are still far from functioning like adults. By participating in our workshop and gaining insights from our social emotional learning programs for schools, you can equip yourself with valuable knowledge to raise a well-rounded, ambitious, and confident teen…without you losing your sanity as a parent.

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