The Power of Speaking With Intention & Having a Vision For Your Child

As parents, we all desire to guide our children onto the right path and ensure their utmost happiness and success. Words, intentional or unintentional, are one of the most powerful tools we employ in this endeavor. In the context of a teen coaching program, these words can have a profound impact on the teens we serve. Darren Sugiyama, a top business CEO and renowned strategic thinker, recently shared his views on ‘The Power of Speaking with Intention and Having a Vision for Your Child’ in this insightful 5-minute video. 

His message resonates particularly with parents of teenagers who are navigating the tricky balance between fostering independence and providing guidance. According to Harvard University’s Center of the Developing Child, research shows that intentional speech and clear vision play significant roles in a child’s upbringing, transforming the way we parent, and resulting in the development of a confident, resilient child. By practicing these concepts, you’re not just parenting, but also serving as a teen life coach to your child. 

Darren’s thoughtful stories about his son illuminate the power of speaking with intention. When he communicated his genuine concerns, desires, and support for his son, he noticed the emergence of confidence and resilience in his child’s life. This echoes the principles of our teen coaching program where we use the same language to motivate and inspire teens to rise above their challenges

We encourage all parents to nurture a clear vision for their child’s future. This vision acts as a beacon guiding your teenager when they are faced with choices about their education, relationships, and personal development. The clarity this vision provides is invaluable and complements the role of a teen life coach

Different experiences around intentions and visions are treasured in our thriving Facebook Group of amazing parents. Your stories and perspectives inspire us and many others in their parenting journey. If you would like to learn more about how intentionality and clear vision can transform the journey of your teenager, we encourage you to book a call with one of our teen experts. Let’s embrace the power of our words and intentions, the real power lies in our hands. Be intentional, and be visionary in guiding our teenagers toward resilience, happiness, and success.