Discovering the Power of “Different Messengers” The Transformative Impact of Youth Mentors

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In this video former NBA player Danny Schayes shares a memory about his son at the Olympics. After his son asked Olympic speed skater, Apolo Ohno, for his best piece of advice, the answer was rather straightforward: The key is CONSISTENT hard work. Danny humorously points out that, despite telling his son the same countless times, hearing it from Ohno struck a different, more powerful chord. This nugget of wisdom, is what we at The Attitude Advantage Program (TAAP) call the “same message,” being delivered by a “different messenger.” Most parents can relate to Danny’s story and this video beautifully illustrates the importance of mentorship and the principles we staunchly support in our teen coaching program.

Our online teen coaching program thrives on the principle that fostering teens’ mental and emotional growth often requires a shift from their typical authoritative figures, usually their parents, towards alternative role models or mentors. According to the Department of Education, mentors are a key component in helping teens transition into healthy young adults and the benefits are many.

This is mainly because young people tend to be more receptive to advice from people whose opinions they value and who have achieved what they aspire to. This ability to positively influence teenagers is the central pillar in our teen coaching program. 

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As Danny’s experience suggests, mentors, be they accomplished athletes or persons of influence in a specific industry, bring forth a unique perspective and credibility that teens find convincing. Our online teen coaching program consistently reinforces this principle by encompassing an expansive team of mentors from diverse backgrounds. In so doing, we ensure that our teens receive a wide range of advice, insights, and support tailored to their specific interests and aspirations.

The concept of the ‘same message, different messenger’ profoundly impacts teens’ receptivity to advice, which provides a tangible positive influence on their development. As demonstrated in Danny’s encounter with his son, pivotal life lessons such as the importance of hard work can be instilled more effectively when relayed by an influential figure. 

Our teen coaching program leverages this understanding, emphasizing the importance of mentors assisting our teens to build resilience, confidence, and grit. 

Through our online teen coaching program, we ensure that every teenager gets the chance to interact with these ‘different messengers.’ This exposure to various perspectives and life lessons is bound to be an enriching, positive experience, contributing to the holistic growth and development of the teens and families we work with.

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